Drum Tuning

by Rob

Hello !

How do i make my drums sound big and heavy ? I have an artist premier with an additional floor tom, but it just sounds flat, no bounce, no boom.. I spent most of my early drumming life playing electric so tuning was never a factor, now I'm fully kitted up I find I know very little of the basics ! pls help ! thanku ;)

Hello, Rob--

I suspect that the first step would be different heads. Many drum kits come with very basic heads which most drummers quickly replace.

You could begin by visiting the drum tuning section of my site:

Hints for Tuning Drums

There you will find a discussion of the various types of drum heads with links to examples. You might want to pay particular attention the the "Pinstripe" heads.

Check out this section of the site and then if you have further questions, please contact me again. You can use the "comments" feature of this form or you can submit an entirely new form.

Good Luck with your drums!


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