Check Out These Drum Solos!

Are you ready for drum solos? Have you been practicing your rudiments? Or maybe you have been playing rudiments for a while and would like some new solos?

I am writing these solos myself. The biggest challenge was finding software which would write the special symbols that are used in rudimental drumming. Finally I came across Sebelius G7. If you are into this sort of writing, you should have a look at it. You can get a free demo on their website.

First, just a bit of history: Rudimental solos were born of military necessity. During the 1600's and 1700's drums were used to relay commands to the troops because the human voice could not carry far enough to be heard. Each country had different combinations so that the opposing army would not understand their signals.

The armies took to recruiting young "drummer boys" because they made smaller targets. These young boys passed their knowledge of the cadences on to their sons and and those boys passed them to their sons and the cadences lived.

In 1812, Charles Ashworth published a book of 28 rudiments, which today have grown to 40.When you practice rudiments and play rudimental solos, you are participating in a rich heritage!

Here is the first solo. How many rudiments can you recognize? There will be more soon, so check back.Click on the right arrow of the player to hear it.

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