Drum Rolls--How to Play Them Fast

by Eugene Gyamfi
(Ghana-Aburi Akuapim.)

How can i be fast on a snare drum when rolling?

I'm one of the best drummers in Ghana.


Hi, Eugene--

Basically, snare drum rolls are like any other drumming skill--they become better with correct practice.

First, practice bouncing each stick. Work with the right stick by applying pressure to the down stroke so that the stick bounces. Release the pressure and catch the stick with your last 3 fingers after the bounce. For the traditional roll, you want the stick to bounce only twice.

Experiment with different amounts of pressure. The more pressure, the faster the bounce. Then do the same with the left stick.

When you are able to bounce each stick satisfactorily, try alternating them. Start with a lighter pressure so you get a large slow bounce.
When it is even, gradually add more pressure to the down strokes and the roll will get faster.
Remember that SLOW practice is the key to eventually playing fast rolls.


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