Drum Machine Programming

by Christoph Orlando
(Marmora NJ)

I would like to know what it means when at the beginning of the tab is shows a quarter note = 208 (I know that means the tempo) but in parenthesis it shows 2 eight notes = to a quarter note and eigth note triplet. Such as the sheet music for "I Know a Little" by Lynyrd Skynyrd. I think its a swing beat but am not sure how to (step write) program it into my BR-1600's drum machine. Any help with this would be appreciated.


Christoph Orlando, faithful customer!!!


Hi, Christopher--

I am not familiar with your specific drum machine, but if you program. There should be a way to set it so that eighth notes are automatically notated as swing (triplets with 2 of the notes being on the 1st eighth).

Basically, when it comes to drums, it is an eighth note triplet with the middle note being a rest. So if you cannot find the "Swing" setting for the drum machine, just put them in that way ( eighth note triplet with the middle note being a rest) and it will come out fine.

Best Wishes,

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