Drum Fills Help

by Enrique G
(Mcallen, TX. USA)

I have been playing for a while, "Two years". I’m having trouble doing rolls and fills for musical pieces. I have been playing rudiments for a year to help me improve but, I have not seen much change. What do I need to do to make more of an impact on my abilities to play drum fills?


Hi, Enrique--

It is difficult to give you specific advice without knowing your specific difficulty.
If you are trying to make up your own fills, then will find some excellent free help at:

Composing and Using Drum Fills

If you are trying to copy fills that other drummers have done and you know what the fills are, then slow practice with the metronome at increasing speeds is the ticket.

If you want to play fills that other drummers have played but can't figure out the fills, try
Almost Free Drum Tabs.

These are quality drum tab presented in traditional notation. They are guaranteed accurate and easy to read and you can order custom tabs for any song.


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