Dropped D and Going Out of Tune.

by Lewis

Ok so my guitar which I have had for around 6 months recently got some new .10 strings put on it. It is only an entry level guitar but handles standard tuning really well and the strings sound great. Unfortunately, when I tune to drop D, aside from the usual issue of entry level guitars not being able to stay in tune for too long, there is another problem. If I play an open D power chord on the top 3 strings it sounds good and in tune. This is the same for about the fifth fret onwards too, but when playing power chords or notes on the frets before that, especially the first second and third frets, the note is out of tune. I am no expert when it comes to tuning and I still can't do it by ear, but even I can tell that it is out of tune.

So is this a problem that is easily solvable by tweaking with the guitar, or is there not much that can be done about it? I can save up for a new one although it might take me a while, but if this one is beyond help then I guess I would do that.

Thanks in advance


Hi, Lewis--

The first thing to do is take your guitar to a qualified repair person and have it set up. They will adjust the intonation and make other adjustments as needed. This is not an uncommon thing to do with new guitars.

While you are there, mention the tuning problem that you are having. Most likely it is the intonation, but if not, they will be able to give you a better idea than I can since they are actually able to see the guitar.

Best Wishes,

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