Doubt is for Dead Kids

by Mitch Nicholson
(Shelby, NC, USA)

Artist Background

Artist/Band Name: Doubt Is For Dead Kids
Genre: Metal
Doubt Is For Dead Kids is a four-person band from Shelby, North Carolina. We play metal. We started in October 2006, and we have recently been ranked #1 for our city, and in the top 1000 for national metal bands. Playing is most important to us, we have never turned down a show opportunity, even if its a benefit show. We have played many places, from music halls to skate parks to birthday parties. When we competed with 9 other top bands in N.C., we came out on top. We currently have 4 members:

Zach Thrift - vocals
Adam Wilson - Drums
Erik Gordon - Guitar
Mitch Nicholson - Bass

Creative History:
In March of 2009, we released a 4 song demo which is available to listen to at
Artist: Doubt Is For Dead Kids
Album: 2009 demo
1-H&R Glock
3-Satin Wall and Trim
4-Terror in the Night

We are almost finished with our first album- Rights of the Accused.
If you have any questions or shows that you would like to book us in, please contact us through our myspace, or e-mail us at

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