Dotted notes synchronization

by Virgo

I have been having this problem for a while now, and only avoided pieces with notes like this, but I want to tackle the problem now, so let me get to the question: How do I visualize playing a dotted quarter note on one hand while the other plays quarter notes (basically when the hands aren't in sync), for me I basically find myself just to stop playing one hand and wait for the next to catch up which ruined the music, how can I correct this? For example, take this bar of music (the times signature is 4/4) when I try to play it, my left hand plays the first 2 quarter notes, then stops to play the 2nd note of the left hand and resume playing.


Hi, Virgo--

The easiest way to visualize it and play it is to write out the eighth not beats. IE-1 & 2 & 3& 4&

Then above the written beats mark the notes to be played with your RH. Below write the notes to be played with your LH.
That will give you a visual aid. Then it is just a matter of training your hand to be independent.


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