Donny Haraden

by Donny Haraden
(Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA)

me and nick, old picture. but it works

me and nick, old picture. but it works

I'm Donny.
Ive been in many bands, some have made it to get gigs, some haven't.
But none of them worked out for me.
Ive been from hardcore screamo bands to light acoustic music.

Right now, I'm trying to make it as a solo artist.
My friend Nick and I have a myspace page, which the majority of is me.
I just want to get my name out there, get my music out there, and do what I love.
Which is music.

Our bands myspace is

or go to myspace music and type in
'last chance to make amends'

i just posted a new song called 'dear innocence'
which i wrote all the cords and lyrics to.
another passion of mine.

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