Do You Write Guitar Tab?

by Brandy Jensen
(Edmonton, Alberta, Canada)

Hey! My name is Brandy Jensen, from Edmonton, Alberta. My mom, Barbara Jensen, is the drummer in my band and she forwarded me your website url as you tab out her music for her, very accurately. I am not sure if you do the same thing for guitar, but I have a few songs I need tabbed out and would love some help. Let me know what you offer, and for how much.


Brandy Jensen

Hi, Brandy--

Glad to meet you! Your mom is one of my best customers.

I will help you with the tabs you want. I am not yet ready to offer guitar tabs to the general public as writing them requires that I have a guitar with me and sometimes I travel without a guitar.

If you will let me know what tabs you want, I will do them and figure out how to handle the payment. The cost will be the same as drum tabs--$6.00 each.


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