Determine Strumming For a Song?

Sorry it's kind of stupid but I'm a total beginner and I was wondering how you determine the strumming pattern of songs. On the tab sites I've been too it's not there, or maybe I'm just missing it? I'm trying to learn Seven Years by Saosin which is supposed to be easy, I just don't know the strumming pattern. I've spent like the last half hour trying to find it on google. Maybe you know it, or know a site that gives strumming?


It is true that on free tab sites which use ASCII tab format, there is no good way to indicate "strumming patterns".

The next step is for you to realize that you most likely can not go from "total beginner" to playing songs from band like Saosin. If someone told you that it is simple they are either very experienced and so it IS simple to them OR they are very ignorant and do not give credit to the kind of talent required to play Saosin songs.

My best advice to you is: STOP looking for shortcuts and diligently practice your instrument in an organized manner. You can not pick up a guitar one day and play complicated music the next day.

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This is not meant to discourage you, but just to give you a reality check. Dedicate yourself to learning your instrument.

Best Wishes,

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