Dent in Bass Drum Head

by Bobby

My question is, is it normal if my bass drum starts to dent in a little bit where the pedal hits it. i have it tuned pretty well, its not too tight and not too loose and it has a good sound?????????


Hi, Bobby--

The drum head may be too loose. Try tightening it just a LITTLE.

If you like the way the drum is tuned, but you still get the dent, try using a larger beater. If it is still happening with a larger beater,(and you are not hitting the drum too hard), try applying a plastic dot (available from Remo) to the area of the head where your beater hits to extend the life of the head.

After you take these steps, you can repair the damaged area by blowing hot air on it from a regular hair dryer. This will help the plastic return to its normal state.

Hope this helps!


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