Death Riders

by Marco Stens
(Fabriano, ANCONA, ITALY)

Death Riders - the band

Death Riders - the band


Death Riders were born back in 2001. Band founders Cristiano Coppa (Bass) and Marco Monacelli (Rhythm Guitar) are backed up by main guitarist-songwriter Francesco Pellegrini, Alessio Monacelli on the drums and the crystal voice of Valerio Gaoni.

In 2009 the band started cooperation with Alkemist Fanatix Europe and thanks to their efforts they found a deal with Lost Sound Records. The band is nowadays ready to strike the professional music market, thanks to the precious advices of producer Frank Andiver (Labyrinth, Wonderland).

The style of Death Riders could be defined as “Thrash Modern Metal-core riffs meet catchy melodies of Power and Progressive Metal”. The result is a perfect equilibrium between aggressivity and melody, the right choice for those who love the Thrash Metal riffs by Trivium, the melodic lines by In Flames and the majestic feeling of Blind Guardian and Kamelot

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