Dean Razorback DB pickups

mine is black not white

mine is black not white

Hi, i have a dean razorback db and i am going to definitley get a dimebucker bridge pickup, but i wanted to know that if i take the neck stock pickup and put in a seymour duncan invader neck pickup in if it will make it sound better than just a dimebucker and stock humbucker?

Or will it sound better with 2 dimebuckers rather than just 1 dimebucker and a stock humbucker?



I know you are going to like the dimebucker. It does a great job of articulating chords and fast picking.

As for the Invader--it is a matter of personal taste, but the Invader tends to be louder with more sustain and pretty treble heavy. If you like that, then good. Be aware though that unless you are VERY clean with your fast licks, the Invader may make any small mistakes ring out in the extreme. In addition, the Dimebucker has a good treble presence, so you might want to consider something to give you a bit more of a "fat" sound.

Here is a suggestion:

Seymour Duncan SH-12 George Lynch Screamin Demon Humbucker Pickup Black

In any case, my personal preference would be the dimebucker paired with a good (not stock) humbucker.

I like the guitar in BLACK!


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Jul 07, 2008

thanks, i have the dimebucker and the screaming demon humbuckers on the way


Please let us know how you like the sound!


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