D String on Acoustic Guitar Buzzes

by Karl

All except for the D string on my acoustic sound fine, sharp, clear. But when I pull the D string while holding a fret down it sends this ear shredding buzz through it.

When I don't hold it down it sounds fine again. But every fret I play on it makes a rancid buzz sound. Tuning isn't helping seemingly.



Hi, Karl--

It is difficult to give specific advice without seeing and hearing the guitar, but since it is only the one string that buzzes when fretted, I would assume that your D string is somehow too close to the frets.

The most likely cause of this on an acoustic guitar is that the nut groove is worn down where that particular string sits.

The answer might be a new nut or maybe a repair person can reinforce that groove so that the string sits a little higher.

Hope this helps!


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