Cycling through sounds live on a workstation

by Sam

I am looking into high level workstations (korg m3/roland xf8). iv been told that when switching sounds or 'combis' it takes a second to get from one program to the next (i wanted to use a pedal to cycle through my sounds). how does this work if you are playing live and want to switch sounds? is there any way to switch instantly?


Hi, Sam--

There should be a way to save the sounds that you want to use so that they are in consecutive banks. That way you don't have to cycle through several banks to get the next sound.


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Nov 22, 2010
by: Sam

I understand that but does it still take time to get from one item to the next (is there a gap). Playing live i will need to be able to switch instantly



It takes less than 1 second on most work stations.
If the delay is too long, you should be able to deal with it by using a volume pedal since you will most likely be changing sounds between different sections of a song.


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