Counting Drum Music

I am going to send aa last measure of a bar of music im trying to read the last measure. it all in 4/4 timing. I get some of it as

1 and a 2and 3 and then im not sure I know there is an 8th note rest. can you mark on top of the notes the correct count. Please



The quarter note gets 3 e & a, the eighth rest gets 4 e and the two 16th get & a.

Hope this helps!


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Mar 25, 2009
still confused
by: mike

Lynne can you possibly write out the count above the notes for me because i don't understand an 1/8 note is 1&2&3&4 also how is the 1/8 note rest 4e please mark the count for me.



I am sorry. but I have no way of writing over your picture.

The QUARTER NOTE gets 4 parts of the beat.
The eighth rest gets TWO parts of the beat. (each "part of the beat is in this case a 16th note)


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