Cort Yorktown Archtop Buzz

by bill

I have a Cort yorktown. Slight buzz when single noting but when I play particularly 5th string A and 4th string F together it buzzes terribly.

I have removed strings,scratch plate,tailpiece,tightened nuts on switches,tuning pegs,strap screws,peg knob screws. Removed pickups and left them on thick foam inside guitar then replaced strings. Tried wire hooks inside body for loose wiring. Re-assembled twice to no avail.

Finally replaced strings and setup. Worked for a day then re-appeared. Can you please help .


Hi, Bill--

You may need to have your truss rod adjusted. My recommendation is that you do not try to do this yourself, but take the guitar to a qualified repair person. It is a delicate adjustment to the curvature of your neck and can wreak havoc if performed haphazardly.


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