Citation CIT5000 Acoustic Guitar

by Michael
(Chicago, IL USA)

Wondering what this guitar is worth and what people think of it. Citation CIT5000 Acoustic Guitar. Made in Made in Japan. Looks like possibly rosewood back & sides. Solid top, maybe spruce.
Adjustable saddle. Can you help.


Hi, Michael--

This guitar was manufactured in the 1970's. They were distributed in the U.S. by the Grossman company of Cleveland, Ohio.

The guitar has Mahogany body, laminate top, rosewood fingerboard, chrome hardware, black pick-guard.

I found several for sale on the internet. Most of them were selling for around $125.00.

I also looked at the Blue Book listing and there was no information available about any of the Citation guitars.

There were no reviews available on the internet. I would tend to think that it is a guitar that is not of particularly high quality as witnessed by the low sale price and the fact that the top is laminate.

Some people say that the guitar looks like a Martin Dreadnaught copy.

Hopefully this information will be of some help to you.


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May 16, 2019
by: Steven

The Citations are excellent guitars. When you can find someone willing to part with one get it. You'll find that a well taken care of Citation will stand up next to a Martin.

Jan 29, 2018
1975 Citation CIT5000 Guitar
by: Don S

My Mother originally received a Citation CIT5000 from my Father. We didn't have a lot of money, it was what he could afford at the time. Mom played it every week in church along side other guitars. It always sound as good as any other guitar. In 1970 there were a lot of Japanese guitars around. She eventually gave the guitar to me.

I'm 57 years old now and I still play it. I love the guitar. I'm not a professional musician. It's not a collectors item. It still has good sound. I play it all the time. My Citation CIT5000 is like an old friend. I'm glad my Dad bought it for my Mom and I'm glad she gave it to me. I wouldn't sell it or trade it for anything in the world.

Jul 23, 2015
Citation 12 string
by: Alan Knight.

I bought a Citation 670 12 string from a workmate in Toronto back in 1988. He'd decided to get serious about classical guitar and sold a couple of his steel string ones so he could buy something decent.
I still have 'Nanny12' and she's bloody awesome. Proof if ever it was needed that sometimes cheap brand guitars can be stunningly good.

Jun 28, 2015
by: Tim

I learned how to play guitar on a Citation, though it wasn't my absolute first guitar (that in fact was a Green Stamps guitar, since we are talking about the 70's). I have great fondness for my own ability and musicianship, so I have to say Citation guitars get my vote. I gave it away eventually, but years later when I had a chance to see it again there were huge grooves in the fretboard actually. It cost just around 100-125 dollars. hooray for Citations I say

Jun 03, 2014
by: Walt

I have and Ovation 1111-1 acoustic and a 1612-4 acoustic electric. If your ever in the market, email @

Jul 04, 2013
1975 Citation Guitar
by: Rev. Jon

Dear Lynne, I think you are "right on" with your assessment of the Citation guitar the fellow found. I bought one new--my first guitar--in 1975. The dealer, in Hartville, Ohio, had at the time a 1947 D-18 Martin in original condition for $300; I was ignorant and learning to play chords at the time (so I could sing in a basement bar), so I bought the Citation for $125. The guitar was distributed by a company in Cleveland--50 miles from home at the time. The Citation I had looked like a new D-18--hence the comment that some folks thought it a Martin look-alike. It was a very nice beginner guitar, with good sound and action. I learned quickly on it, played it in 1977 at my own wedding 35+ years ago, then bought a stunning blonde big-body (D-50?) Guild which I just sold to a collector about a year ago. (I sold the Citation in '77 for $125.) Today I play Ovations--and still like to sing--with our church praise team. How thankful I am for the encouragement of the owner of that little guitar shop in Ohio so many years ago! Sincerely, revJON

Mar 22, 2018
Good Guitar
by: Brayden

I inherited a Citation 659 from my grandfather about 15 years ago, and he would have bought it in the 70's or 80's after he lost everything in a house fire. Not that I would ever sell this guitar but I was a little surprised at the low resale value. It has a really good and full sound, I personally prefer it to that of any acoustic Fender or Gibson that I have heard. The only drawback with this guitar is that it has quite a high tension, though that may just be an problem with this individual guitar. There is no way you could get a replacement guitar that sounds anywhere near as good as it does for the price they are being sold for online.

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