Chord Progressions and Sharps/Flats


Am so confused about the basic steps to forming a chord progression in any song.

I also heard that sharp means forward movement whilst flat on the other hand also means to move backward.

Does this also draw a conclusion to the fact that there is F-Flat and E-Sharp which renders the some of the white keys also bearing the black's name?


Hello, Accra--

First let's clear up the confusion about sharps and flats:

A sharp is defined as 1/2 step up. A flat is 1/2 step down. A half step is the distance from one note to the very next note, be it white to black, black to white or white to white.

The note "E#" is one half step up from E--which happens to be another white key. The white key that we know as "F" is also sometimes known as "E#". The case of "Fb" is exactly the same idea--one half step down from "F" is the white key that we know as "E", which in this case is "Fb"

Now about chord progressions. Please go to
chord Progressions for an in-depth FREE lessons on chord progressions. Then if you have specific questions, I will be glad to help.


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