by markland morris



CharmSkwad is an impervious group heading towards stardom. They began their career as a near-novelty -- preteens delivering hardcore dancehall. Inventive and cunning, they were straight-A students, but never felt their true intelligence was expressed through a report card. Music was the best way to express their feelings toward people and rising situations. After taking the name CharmSkwad, they began writing songs.

CharmSkwad was born into poor, working-class families. According to their mothers, they used to wake-up siblings and family members by banging out drum patterns on the kitchen table. Eventually, their interest in music grew. They began free-styling, writing lyrics, and following the music of popular artists.

Combining a strong work ethic with aggressive self-promotion, 19-year-old Markland Morris (Sthinga), 19-year- Romeo Williams (Rock Star), 18-year-old Ricardo Austin (Singing Formula), and 22 –year old Steve Austin (Ali) convinced Bon Fire, Inc. to take them on for odd jobs around the office. A week later, they recorded their first single “Good Stuff” which aired on local radio station, and was well received by fans, family, and friends.

Jamaica was introduced to CharmSkwad in 2006 when they reached the top-ten in the Montego Bay Parish finals. CharmSkwad was featured artist on a song compilation, and captured the audience as well as 2nd place at
the Jamaican Cultural Development Commission (JCDC) festival. Their music (Gwaan Gal) was on everybody’s lips. CharmSkwad hit the local stage until they performed in Ocho Rios. While there, they met Tsunga who introduced them to Cave Man. Together, they created the “Wat A Day” and “Freedom” singles.

There was a countless amount of knowledge for the young brave hearts that stayed in Central Villa, Spanish Town, St.Catherine. Food wasn’t in abundance, but with determined minds and clear goals they walked studio to studio until “Wat A Day” was featured in the local newspaper for several months. The violence in the community devastated them, so they returned to the country (St.Elizabeth) the next week. At Jah Mason studio they met Lenart who introduce them to the rhythm of Jackie Murda. They released the single “Firm Medi”, currently playing in Germany. They continued to move up and meet people in the industry. Many Jamaica dancehall artists are now associates of CharmSkwad. CharmSkwad’s annual party (Celebrity Wet Wet) celebrates their anniversary. The biggest, proudest moment of their music career came when they met Clint Smith, CEO, Finest Models, who produced and directed the video shoot for the “Rack It Up” single.


Great Story! Where can we hear them? Do they have a website?


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