Changing Keys (Transposing)

by Dave Allan

From one note rising up then back down\not really how to explain it.


Hi, Dave--

I am not sure exactly what you are asking. Is it "transposing" the key of a song that you want to know about?

If so, there is already a lesson on the site that will help you. Please visit Transposing Music.

If that lesson is not what you want, then maybe you could try asking again in a different way or by giving an example so that I can understand exactly what it is that you are asking.

If you have more questions, please feel free to ask using the comment form for this page.

Best Wishes,

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Sep 07, 2008
by: Ruester

I was flummoxed by this question, as well. As Socrates
practiced, asking the correct question will more nearly
elict the more clear answer.

Lynne's transposition lesson will answer this question
in the most general way for modulation to a different
tonal center. If by transposition is meant transposing
instruments keyed in Bb or Eb, then that is another
question entirely.


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