Careers in Drumming

by matt
(england, wolverhampton)

Hi, I’m Matt Pittaway from England and I’ve been playing drums for around four years now. I’ve decided I need to take my hobby to a higher level- but I can’t find a band at all. I’ve tried online sites such as ‘’; however I don’t trust the safety of them so I don’t use them anymore.

The main piece of advice I’m looking for is how I can be a successful drummer, my main objective is to be in a successful band but I am limited for choice.

Is there any other jobs/ careers I can take other than being in a band? as playing drums is my one talent that I have.



Hi, Matt--

There are a lot of avenues other than playing in a band that a drummer can pursue.

If you are a skillful reader, you could try to find jobs as a studio drummer. People hire drummers to record songs, commercials, and other projects.

If you enjoy playing with others, you might look into the local music theatres and orchestras. The percussionist for an orchestra usually has a whole room full of instruments to play and it is a really fun job. Again, you need to develop proficiency in reading music.

If you want something really crazy and exciting, try to get a job as the drummer for a large circus! As weird as that may sound, circus music has come a long way and is now extremely tech oriented. You get to use a lot of electronics and you get to have a little Plexiglas room all of your own--at least that is how it is with the Ringling Brothers circus here in the states.

You could also check into teaching at local music stores. I have even seen dance clubs where drummers play live along with recorded music--kind of gives the beat an extra kick. Also many churches now have HUGE music programs and lots of expensive equipment.

Finally, you might want to give finding a band another chance. Try hanging out where musicians hang out so that you can meet people. The best bands come from friends getting together to play.

Hope this has been of some help.

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