Capo--how does it change the key of a song?

by martin A. Alvarado
(Peroia , Arizona)

If I capo my guitar on the first fret, and my song that I am playing is in (AM C Fmaj7 Shapes) what key am I playing in? I Like matching my voice to a certain pitch, Please help
Thank you
In Christ Martin


Hi, Martin--

Placing the capo on the first fret raises the pitch of the guitar by 1/2 step. The chords that you are describing seem to be chords in the key of C Major.

The rest of the chords in C Major are: Dm, Em, G7 and B diminished 7. If in fact these are the chords that you are playing, then you are playing in the key of C Major.

The key becomes C# Major when raise them all 1/2 step by placing the capo on the 1st fret.

If any of the chords you are playing DO NOT match with the chords I mentioned, then you will need to send me the complete list of chords before I can determine the key.

If you would like some help with understanding what chords belong in a given key, please visit
Music Chord Progressions, a FREE lesson on my site.

Best Wishes!

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