Can you tell what kind of guitar this might be?

by Greg
(Independence, MO, US)

My Grandfather gave me this guitar a few years ago and I can not find any info about it. I asked him and he does not remember where he purchased it, but he has had it for about 35 to 45 years. It is a electric Guitar and it missing the pick guard. I do not see any markings or serial numbers anywhere on it. I know that it kind of looks like a gretsch, but the toggle switches and Headstock is different. Any information will help?




Hi, Greg--

Without markings or any other information, it is difficult to say, but I think it might be a Harmony guitar--Some of them had six per side tuners and rocker switches. I could not find a model exactly like your guitar, though.

In any case, the Harmony brand might be worth looking into.


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