Can You Tell Me About My Guitar?

by Lynne
(Reno, Nevada)



I just bought an acoustical/electric guitar, it says Charvel on the head and inside the hole which is kind of like an elongated triangle located in the upper right of the body, there is a tag that says 1591. I have not been able to find anything on the internet so I am turning to you for help. I would like to know anything about it like year, model, where I can find the serial number and what it may be worth. I paid $299 for it and I don't know if I got a decent deal or I was ripped off.

Thank you in advance for any information you can tell me.


Hi, Lynne--

Interesting guitar! I spend CONSIDERABLE time researching your guitar. One thing that I am thinking is that it might not BE a Charvel. All of this research I did indicated that Charvel never made a guitar that looked like yours.

I think that maybe someone put a Charvel neck on a different guitar. People sometimes change the neck of a guitar to repair it or to just "customize" it.

I also could not find ANY guitar maker who had made a guitar with that kind of sound hole. There are offset sound holes of various shapes, but none with that shape or placement.

So I am thinking that maybe the guitar was hand made by someone (other than a recognized guitar maker). The sticker inside did not leave me any clues either. Ovation makes a 1591 model, but it looks nothing like your guitar.

Another thing that leads me to the conclusion that someone may have made the guitar--it has very clean and simple lines--almost as if someone could have actually cut the wood themselves.

About VALUE--In this price range, the value of ANY guitar is more of a judgment call for the owner or player. Even if it were a Charvel, none of the Charvel acoustics have any great market value.

How does it sound? Does it feel good and play easily? If so, then it is definitely worth the price you paid. Besides, you have an EXTREMELY UNIQUE guitar there, so in that sense, it is priceless!

My best advice would be that if you like it, hang on to it and enjoy it. Who knows, maybe you will accidentally run across some information.

I am sorry that I could not give you more solid information. PLEASE let me know if you find out anything!


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