Can Other Brands of Racks be Used with Pearl Drums?

by Dan

I have a pearl export, and I'm definitely in need of a rack, as my cymbal collection is expanding & I have 3 toms..
do I need a pearl rack for it or would other brands work.. just pearl racks are pretty expensive.. I'd rather get something cheaper..


Hi, Dan--

I know that Pearl racks can be used with almost all drum kits, but I don't know if other brands of racks are made the same as the Pearl racks.

The best thing to do is compare the rack you have in mind with the Pear racks or make sure the mounting hardware on your Pearl toms matches the fittings on the rack that you have in mind.

Obviously, you will need to go to a store to do this, but you could still buy on line for less once you determine what rack will work.


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