Can I use a Bass Amp Head for Guitar?

by Jorge
(San diego CA)

Peavey Bass Amp Head

Peavey Bass Amp Head


First I would like to say that I'm new to guitars and amps

A few days ago I was shopping for a guitar amp head
I stumbled upon a PEAVEY amp, cheap for 100 USD, the guy
let me try it out, sounded great in my opinion, though I
don't have much background to compare.
I didn't realize at the moment that that amp head was
for BASS, it's the PEAVEY 400 series B.

my question is: could I still use this amp head with a
guitar? I'm just annoyed at the fact that it says and is
for BASS.

depending on the answer I get I might sell it and look
for an amp head designed for guitar

thanks in advanced


Hi, Jorge--

Sorry you had a frustrating experience. You COULD use the amp head for guitar and pair it with a speaker cabinet made for guitar. You will get a better sound with an amp head designed for guitar.

The thing is, as you say, you are relatively inexperienced. And you already HAVE this amp head, so maybe you could use it for a while until you have more experience and actually know what you want in an amplifier.

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Best Wishes,

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