Can I run 100 watt speakers with a 15 watt amp?

by Connor
(Maine, Southwest Harboer)

Hi, I recently bought a cheap line 6 spider 3 15-watt amp, and a few days after that came across and purchased a great half-stack,
Now I like the Spider 3 tone and the effects (And am planning to use it as a back up amp) I heard you can't hook the amp up to cabinet speakers
But I heard you can disconnect the internal speakers and hook them up to bigger stereo external speakers.
So my questions are

- Is this true?

- If so, how is it done (Instructions requested)

- If I disconnect the 15 watt speakers and hook the amp up to 100 watt speakers, will it make the amp a 100 watt amp?


Hi Connor--

Definitely DO NOT do that. The 15 watt amp is not powerful enough to run those speakers. You could very well end up frying your half stack.

If you like the sound of the Spider, you could get a more powerful amp and run the Spider into it as a pre amp. Then you could use all of the effects.


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