Can I Put a Floyd Rose Tremolo on My Dean MLX Classic?

by carson
(post falls )

i have a dean mlx classic black left handed guitar.the only problem that i dont like about it doesnt have a floyd rose has a stock whaletail.Is it possible to change it to a floyd rose tremolo.also how much would it cost?


Hi, Carson--

It IS possible to out a Floyd Rose Tremolo on your guitar. There are some things to consider, though.

First, be sure that you really want a Floyd Rose. Try one of the Dean MLX guitars that have a factory Floyd Rose Bridge and get a lot of experience with it. Some people really don't like these bridges once they experience one.

Also, these MLK guitars are rather inexpensive in the first place and it may cost you almost as much to replace the bridge as you would spend on a new guitar with a factory Floyd Rose bridge.

If you do decide to change the bridge, DON'T do it yourself. Take it to a qualified repair person.


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