Can I Learn Two Instruments at Once?

As a beginner, Is it best to learn one instrument at a time even though I want to learn both guitar and drums?

Hi, Patty--

In the beginning, I would recommend that you concentrate on one instrument for a while. I would recommend drums first because the rhythmic principles will be of great value when you learn the guitar.

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Jul 13, 2009
Piano and Bass
by: Anonymous

i have been playing piano for almost a year now and would really like to start bass guitar. do you think this is ok and if not how much longer shall i play piano before i start bass?


It depends on your goals. If you intend to become proficient at piano, then you may want to concentrate on it for a bit longer before starting another instrument.

If you are using the piano to get familiar with music notation and theory, then you could probably begin bass now.


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