Can I Cut My Toms Down to Make Them Shorter?

by Andrew snell
(fort worth, tx)

ok, i have a pdp kit, and the toms are gigantic.
therefore i cant set my kit up in any way comfortable.
so with professional tools, would it effect the sound, or just be a plain bad idea to cut the toms to make them less tall???


Hi, Andrew--

I looked at all of the PDP sets and the toms all seem to be fairly standard sizes. Maybe you could be more specific about the size of your toms and what size you would like to have or exactly what is so uncomfortable about your set up.

I have to say that I don't think cutting the toms is a good idea. Can you write back using the comment form on this page and give me some more detailed info. I think that we can figure out a better way to make your setup comfortable.

Best Wishes,

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