Buying an electric

by Georgia
(Clover, SC)

I haven been playing the acoustic guitar for about a year and I am really looking into getting a good electric guitar. I am a young girl that will just be playing for the fun of it, maybe occasionally for other people so I am not looking for anything outrageous. I need a good sounding guitar that will not make me frustrated if it does not sound good. What kind of electric guitar would be good for me and what kind of amps should I be looking at?


Hi, Georgia--

I am a huge fan of Gibson. Their entry level guitars are branded Epiphone. The SG custom is an excellent guitar that will serve you for a long time--even when you become an expert. I have had several students who bought this guitar and I was very impressed!

As for amps--and small practice amp will be good. There are some nice ones out there for a reasonable price.

Good luck with your music!


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