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I am a first time buyer and beginner drum player. I have absolutely no experience,(we all have to start somewhere). I am looking at a drum kit but I am wondering if the brand in a good one of if i should keep looking. The kit in question is a five piece Dynamic percussion kit that has been hardly used. The kit comes with cymbals, stands, and decent hardware. The seller is asking for 550$ canadian, is this a good buy??


Dynamic Percussion kits are custom built by Art Benson in Manchester, Ct. They appear to be of excellent quality. You did not mention the brand of cymbals which are included, but to tell you the truth, if you like the sound of the drums, $550.00 is a VERY reasonable price for the set you describe.

If you would like more information about purchasing a drum kit, Buying Drums may be of help to you.

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Feb 22, 2008
Snare Drum
by: Anonymous

Hi ,

I have been offered a 'staffordshire Benson' snare drum.Have you heard of this snare drum before and is it valuable.

Jo Jo

Hi, Jo Jo--

I was unable to find ANYTHING about that brand of drum. Maybe when you get it, it will have some other identification on it. Let me know--


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