Broken Guitar String


I got a guitar less than a month ago for my birthday. I'm learning how to play it. One day, I was tuning the strings by ear, when suddenly the 3rd string snapped. I didn't know what to do and I also got such a fright! I don't know how serious this is. How much will it cost me in euros? My mom will kill me too. I'm so scared to tell her. Please help me.


Hi, 020santuks--

RELAX!! It is not a big deal to break a guitar string. Some professional players do it every other day. My students do it all the time and I usually just give them a new string if I happen to have one on hand.

You can buy a whole SET of strings for around $7.00 or less. One string is NOT expensive. Just go to your local music store or go to an online music store and buy a 3rd string.

If you need help putting it on, just Google "changing guitar strings". There are tons of tutorials. Or the music store will put one on for you.

Best Wishes,

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