Bringing the Band Down

by Rick Schnell
(Houghton Lake, MI)

How do I teach my new drummer to snap the band down?
Are there any good youtube examples?
As in: "Alright band, bring it down". The drummer does the appropriate rim shot at the right time and the band brings the volume down. Anybody? Anybody?


Hi, Rick--

What you just said seems like it would be sufficient to let your drummer know what you want.
Maybe some of our readers will have more ideas.


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Aug 16, 2009
I'm not sure you're getting it..
by: Anonymous

This is a matter of technique I'm looking for.
While the funk groove is going on, the leader says, "Alright band, bring it down". Then the drummer does what is a traditional R&B rim snap and the whole band brings it down.

So where does the 'rim snap' go?
On 1, on 4?


On "4". The drummer starts to count on 1 of the measure after your signal. You should end your signal before that 1.

Aug 08, 2009
communication w/drummer
by: Anonymous

There are some variables here....does everybody in the band
listen to the leader? Bands are not democracies, regretably.
That means everyone, especially the drummer, has to listen
to whoever is leading the tune.

Rehearse, rehearse, rehearse....and keep the volume at a
level everyone can hear.

A lot more could be said....but again, the variables.

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