Bridge Pin Hell

by toby knudsen


Im having really annoying problems with restringing my acoustic. Its a bog-standard fender cd-60. I've bought two sets of strings (ernie ball and d'addario). Same problem happens with both. Its as if the bridge pin or bridge pin holes are too loose. Theres no resistance between the pin and hole. The bridge pins are slotted and I've heard that the string should slide into this slot and that the ball end of the string should be resting at the head of the bridge pin. But the ball ends are too big for the slots in the pins! The pins just keep popping out during tuning or the tension is just way too high and the string breaks.

I would really appreciate an answer here because I'm running out of ideas.



Is this the first time your guitar has been re-strung? I mean, have you been able to restring it before and this is a new problem, or have you not successfully put new strings on before?

If it has worked before, then maybe you need to replace the bridge pins.

If this is the first time, follow this procedure:

1. Slip the new string about two inches into the hole.
2. Insert the bridge pin making sure to align the slot on the pin with the string.
3. While holding the bridge pin in place, pull up on the string until you hear the ball click into place.
4. Push the pin into place FIRMLY to seat it.
5. Try the seat by pulling the string toward the headstock.

If you have followed this procedure, and find that it still does not work, you may want to have a guitar shop look at the guitar for you.

To me, it just sounds like you are not getting the pins seated all the way.

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May 12, 2009
Are you sure they are original?
by: Anonymous

Also if you sent your guitar to be re-strung somewhere, make sure they gave you back YOUR original pins, and not someone else's, since the holes might vary in size (2mm, 4mm..) Good luck.


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