Bridge Pin Hell (cont.)

Hello its Toby again,

I took your previous advice and was able to get all strings except the high E on. I've made sure that the ball end of the string is lined up with the slot in the bridge pin but it wont work. It is anti-clockwise that one tunes right?

Basically, once the string is secured and i start tuning it, its like it wont go past a certain pitch. It'll get to maybe an A and then will just start automatically d-tuning itself. Its almost as if there is way too much tension in the strings. Could it have something to do with the amount of slack from the new string?

I'm getting desperate here and running out of money to keep buying new strings. Please give me some advice!

Thanks again, its much appreciated!



Hi, Toby--

This one should be fairly easy. Wind your strings so that the string is on the INSIDE of the peg. Leave just enough slack that the string will wind around the peg about 4 or 5 times.

Before winding, put the three highest strings TWICE through the hole. That will stop them from slipping.

Once the string is wound, it will continue to stretch. You may be experiencing this stretching, which will continue to lower the pitch. (Or your string may be slipping--which will be taken care of by following the above.)

When you have the string fairly taut, hold the string with your right hand and stretch it--then wind it back up to the correct pitch. Then repeat the stretching and winding until the string no longer changes pitch when you stretch it. Do this with all of the strings.

Let me know if this solves your problem.

Best Wishes,

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