Breedlove pursuit concert eb model. Does anyone know about this model?

by Ben
(Anaheim hills,ca, US)

I just bought a Breedlove pursuit concert Eb at guitar center for $500 used. It sounds great but the only problem is the b, g and d strings buzz on the 15th fret. I found the same guitar online for $360 so I called guitar center and they said they’ll pay back the difference so I’d get $140 back and only pay 360 for the guitar which is a great deal, the only problem is I have to get it fixed. After some research 500 is about the price for a used pursuit concert eb, saw one for 700 brand new. I can get it fixed with the 140$ or I can return it within 45 days from when I bought it and look for something better. Or is what I have good? Are there better choices then the Breedlove pursuit concert eb model that are 800 or under? Or should I get my breedlove ebony fixed? Because it does have an incredible sound for the price, I just don’t know to stick with the eb model or not, please if anyone has any recommendations it would be much appreciated

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