Big Baby Taylor or Baby baby?

by Tori

So...I'm very very small person. I'm a little less than 5 feet and have small hands. I have trouble playing the difficult chords that require you to have LONG fingers, and I was thinking of getting a smaller guitar. I play a regular Guild now. So my question is, what's the difference between a regular guitar and a big baby? I know the baby baby's are really small, so if there's not much of a difference between a big baby and regular, then I'm going for the baby.


Hi, Tori--

The Big Baby is 15/16 the size of a regular. The Baby is 3/4 size. So there is just a small difference between the regular and the Big Baby.

Check it out here: (Including a Rebate offer)

Taylor Big Baby Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar Natural


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Sep 12, 2017
baby taylor
by: Anonymous

I recently bought a baby Taylor on sale and it is the best and easiest playing guitar I have ever played. I have played for over 40 years and have had dozens of high end guitars: guild, fender, and gibson among others. I am not a little person and don't have particularly small hands, but this is the perfect guitar for me. The main reason is the smaller body which I can reach around with no effort and hold in different positions. Suffers a little in sound volume and bass tone, but I put a shure lapel mic in it and through a pa it sounds as good as any $1000+ guitar of any size. I have not tried the big baby, but would like to try one to see if the tone is better. For the price, get the baby!

Jun 20, 2009
Thanks for posting!!
by: Anonymous

I thank you so very much for sending in your

To date I have three guitars, two acoustic and
one electric. I also stand less than five feet
tall and have had problems stretching my fingers.

I never realized that the size of my hands had
an impact on playing the guitar nor thought about
buying a smaller guitar.

Thank you.

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