Best Kinds of Wood to Make Drums

What is the best kind of wood to use to make a drum set?


There are several kinds of wood that meet the requirements for making a drum set. The most common of these are Maple, Birch, and Mahogany (often called Lauan).

The best kind is a matter of preference. Maple and Birch are used in making most of the better, higher priced drum sets. Both of these woods sound good and are naturally attractive so that natural finishes will look good. Lauan is not so attractive and is usually covered rather than finished.

There are differences in sound characteristics of each type of wood. Most people find that Maple is rather warm sounding--emphasizing the low frequencies. Birch, on the other hand is said to slightly boost the higher frequencies. Lauan--the type of Mahogany used in cheaper drums is less tonally pleasing than the other two.

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Good Luck!

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