Best Acoustic Guitar for a Beginner

by Victoria

Hey Lynne! umm i wanted to know your recommendations on an awesome but affordable acoustic guitar for a beginner like me. because i want my first guitar to be a GREAT one and one i can use for a long time if i wanted. thanks

Hi, Victoria--

I did some looking and some pricing and found some guitars which would be very appropriate for you.

This one is very nice. I like it because it has a cutaway which make it possible to play higher on the neck. It is also acoustic electric so you can have a much wider range of choices for any sound you may want in the future. Be sure to read the reviews--they are very positive!

Takamine G Series EG340SC Cutaway Dreadnought Acoustic-Electric Guitar Natural

This one is made by Ovation. It is also acoustic electric. It has multiple sound holes which give it a very rich full tone. It costs a bit less than the Takamine.

Ovation Applause Series AE148 Super Shallow Cutaway Acoustic Electric Guitar Black

While you are there, look around--there are a lot of acoustic guitars. Good ones are Epiphone,Gibson, Takamine , Ovation, and Guild. Ones to stay away from (in my opinion) are Fender,
Dean, and the "off" brand inexpensive ones.

Hope this helps!

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