Bending Strings is difficult--Is my guitar of bad quality?

So I've been trying to learn this guitar solo using Guitar Pro. Somewhere in the tabs it shows the note (18th fret, B string) and it shows to bend it + 1, (others say +0.5, which makes the note sound 1 fret higher I believe?)

However, and now here's my question, I have a cheap elec guitar, and it seems that I have to bend the string extremely far (can't even pull it off) to get the note sound 2 frets higher. Like I have to push the B string all the way till it's beneath the D string, it hurts and it's hard to do.

Is it because of my cheap guitar? Or am I doing something wrong playing-wise?


Of course a higher quality guitar will be easier to play, but you might be able to make bending a bit easier if you use a lighter gauge of strings.

Try a set that is maybe .09 gauge (1st string) or lighter.

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