Beginner......."Sound" Question (electric guitar)????

by Callum

When it comes "sound" of a guitar what matters more, the guitar itself or the amplifier?.... I've been playing for about 2 years now on a cheap epiphone (and small SP-10 amp) and am looking to buy a better model guitar but don't really know much about the characteristics of guitars/amps. I read one review of a Maton Guitar that said:

Sound: 9
"A lot of people seemed to have jumped onto this
brand expecting to instantly sound like Josh Homme,
unfortunately they'll be sorely disappointed... "

I would think that, in order to sound like Josh Homme (QotSA) one would have to:

a) Have a lot of guitar talent obviously
b) Adjust amplifier setting

In general,this review (and others) talking about sound have me perplexed....


Hi, Callum--

Each guitarist tries to find a "Signature" sound--a sound that will be immediately recognizable.

This sound results from a combination of MANY MANY factors. The combination of guitar and amp is a main one, but effects pedals, strings, and other variables figure in.

A good idea might be for you to visit a large music store--like Guitar Center--and try out a lot of guitar/amp combinations. You will probably not settle on a particular sound right away, but if you have an idea what you want to sound like, you could try guitars and amps until you find one that comes close.

Have fun with this and take your time--you will find the sound you want.

Best Wishes,

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