Beginner Acoustic Guitar?

by Annagayle

I'm gonna buy my first guitar because I really want to learn to play so I was wondering what inexpensive beginner acoustic guitar I would want to get. Thanks! (I'm thirteen by the way)


Hi, Annagayle--

I went shopping for you and found a couple of really good deals. This first one is an acoustic electric. You don't need an amp in the beginning, but you will be thankful for the electric capabilities sooner or later. It is relatively new on the market, comes in several amazing transparent colors and you really cannot beat the price and still get great quality.

You can see it here:

Dean Performer E Acoustic-Electric Guitar

This next one is the newest of the popular Yamaha FG series. It is not acoustic electric, but owners of this series swear by their guitars.

You can see this one at:

Yamaha FG730S Solid Top Acoustic Guitar Violin Sunburst

It is available in various finishes.

Hope this is helpful. Let us know what you think.


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