Becoming a Pianist--What and How to Practice?

I'm 28. I've been learning to play the piano for the last 2 years. I'm not good but I'd love to become a good pianist. What should i do? How many hours a day I should practice? And how?


Hi, celinearcheo--

It's not so much how many hours you practice each day as it is a matter of WHAT and HOW you practice.

Try starting your practice each day with scales and/or exercises. Remember that the key to successful practicing is DON'T practice making mistakes. By this I mean that you should always strive for PERFECT repetitions.

This requires that you practice the scale, exercise, or passage from a piece ONLY as fast as you can play it perfectly. SLOW practice is essential and will benefit you more than many hours of fast sloppy practicing.

Divide your piece into small sections and practice each one until you can play it perfectly at a slow tempo--then gradually speed it up. If you start making mistakes, slow it back down.

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Best wishes to you and good luck with your playing.


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