Bass Pedal Slippage

by Dave
(Uxbridge, Ma. USA)

I've always been a heel up player and I'm trying to learn the heel-toe method because I've heard a lot of great things. It was recently taught to me but I have trouble with my foot slipping away from me and moving toward the bass drum which in turn throws off my timing when I have to keep adjusting my foot back. Is this a common problem when first learning this method or am I setting my leg angle up wrong? Is there a quick fix to stick?


Hi, Dave--

Probably the easiest thing to do would be to get some shoes with non-slip soles. You could also try applying a non-slip coating to your bass pedal (the kind of coating that they use on boat decks).

As far as technique is concerned, be sure that you are not using your upper leg muscles in a way that pushes your foot forward. Rather, the motion should originate with your ankle and use the muscles in your calf.


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