Bass Guitar Fills

by Michael

Hello, I've been playing bass for a couple of years now and I’m trying to take it more seriously. And I really want to nail bass runs and fills.

Do you know of any site or any help you can direct my way for these two subjects? I’ve tried searching for bass runs and I can't seem to pick up any information on it. So I was hoping you may be able to help.


Hi, Michael--

Bass guitar fills are made by using the notes in a scale. There are several scales that you can use, depending upon the song that you are playing.

The best thing to do is to learn these bass guitar scales and then practice making up fills (passing notes between the roots of the chords) using notes from an appropriate scale.

For more information about bass guitar scales, go here: Absolutely Free Bass Guitar Lessons and scroll down to the lessons on pentatonic minor, major, and minor scales. Then try the lessons on practicing bass guitar scales.

Once you have mastered the scales in several keys, try making up your own fills for the songs that you play.

If you have more questions, please let me know.

Best Wishes,

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Oct 15, 2009
Which Scale to Use For Bass Fills
by: Nicolas

Pls,jst how do u know which scale to take passing notes from,moreover how do you knw d mst appropriate notes to use. Pls i need an interactive tutor


Hi, Nicholas--

The choice of scales is a bit complicated. First, you must know what key you are playing in. Then you need to know what the chords are that you are playing over.

If the chords are limited to I IV V, you can use:
--Pentatonic Minor Scale in the same key
--Pentatonic Minor Scale in the relative minor Key
--Pentatonic Major Scale--same key
--Major Scale--same key
--Natural Minor Scale--relative minor key.

If the chords are other than I, IV, V, you can use all of the above except the pentatonic minor scale in the same key.

To learn about keys, please visit:

Music Chord Progressions

All of the above guidelines apply ONLY to MAJOR keys. Minor keys are a whole different story.


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