Bass drum pedal on riser hits bass drum rim

by john
(Hamden, CT, USA)

I recently bought a great set of Gretsch Catalinas. They have a Mapex style riser on the kick side of the bass. It seems that if I do not attach the riser exactly, ( "a micrometer would be handy"), and just catch the lip of the riser with only a portion of the bass drum clamp, the drive chain of my DW and Tama pedals hit the rim. Ok if the drums won't be moved,but they will. I don't want to worry about millimeters every time I set up. Are there quality pedals out there that can snug up where they should, or am I missing something?
Right now my REALLY old pearl strap drive is in relief.
Thanks in advance.


Hi, John--

Sorry, but I am having trouble understanding just what the problem is--does the riser make the pedal too close to the head, or too low or what--

Maybe a pic would help?

Best Wishes,

Thanks for the reply.
The chain on the pedal scrapes across the rim, as it, (the rim), is about two inches off the floor because it is on a riser. It's an 18" head and needs the riser so the beater hits the center of the head. Hope this helps.

Hi, John--
The Mapex riser is adjustable, so the only thing I can think of is that since the distance is so small, you could adjust the riser just enough so that the pedal clears the rim. It might mean that you have to sacrifice that small distance from the middle of the head--but as you said, it is a VERY small distance.
At least that way, it could be a permanent adjustment and you would not have to worry about it each time.
Hope this helps-


I will give it a try. Thyaks!

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