Bass drum Legs are Loose

by Jeff Garrison
(La Habra, Ca, US)

Hello my name is Jeff. I currently own a Ludwig accent series drum set with a 20" bass drum. Not too long ago I was doing a full clean to the set all the hardware etc. But after I reconnected the legs to the bass drum they seem to loosen or just give way after a good 20 min of practicing resulting in my bass drum falling forward or back and its really getting on my nerves. I was thinking of taking it into my local guitar center to get it checked out but i would like to know is there anything i could have done that would cause this malfunction?


Hi, Jeff--

Sometimes it might be better to leave the dirt--it kind of holds things together! :)

I think that the Accent sets have legs that are adjusted with a wing nut that acts as a set screw. Be sure that the wing nuts are tight and that they WILL tighten. Sometimes the threads can get stripped. If this is happening with all of the legs, however, stripping is most likely not the problem.

If you completely disassembled the legs, are you sure that you reassembled them exactly as they were? It is difficult to give specific advise without seeing the drums. Maybe if you double check how you assembled them--even go to a music store and compare.

The GOOD thing is that Ludwig drums have the leg hardware on the outside of the drum so that it is fairly easily replaced if need be.

I guess my best advice would be to be sure the wing nuts are tight and then go from there. Hope this helps.


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